Night Potty Training

My oldest is child is four years old! Honestly, I don’t know where the time has gone. It feels like yesterday she was a little baby! With Lily turning four, that means she will be starting school soon. This year is such a big year for her and us as well. It feels like we are moving onto the next chapter of our lives.

With this new chapter, my Hubby and I felt like it was time to try and kick the pull-ups at night. Lily has been potty trained since she was two years old. But she could never grasp the night time potty training. Truthfully though, we never really pushed it. We both felt like the night training was a big leap, and we didn’t want to force her to do something her body was not ready too.

Yes, sometimes their bodies aren’t ready. There are so many factors at play such as their bladder it’s self, muscle development down there and hormone growth. Hormones can play a huge factor in potty training. So if you are not successful at training currently, it could be because your child’s body just is not developed enough to be potty trained.

We have tried nighttime training many times with Lily. And if after a few days we were not successful, we would take a break and go back to the pull-up. And it was no big deal. I’ve learned that every child is different. And even though another child we might know is potty trained at night, doesn’t mean my Daughter has to be right now.

But with Lily turning four, and her starting school. Such a big year ahead of us, we thought we would really try to train her at night. We knew it was time because this was the most excited Lily has ever been when we tried. She finally wanted to ditch the pull-up. Lily has an older cousin who is seven and does not wear pull-ups at night. And Lily has been noticing that when we have sleep overs. And it’s been encouraging her to not want the pull-up anymore. So we wanted to take advantage of her wanting to be nighttime trained, but knew it was just going to take time and lots of effort.

The Goal

The main goal was to have Lily night time trained in two weeks. But we were flexible on the time frame. We wanted to gradually build her bladder strength. While keeping the night time potty training simple, and not disruptive. We didn’t want Lily to fully wake up and make going back to bed difficult.

The Plan

We wanted to slowly work our way into no peeing at night. Have Lily wake up twice and pee in the middle of the night. We chose 10pm (when I normally go to bed) and 2:30am when my Husband gets up for work. We picked times that worked best for our sleep so we weren’t tiring ourselves out. After a week, we would cut one wake time out. And then the second week we would cut out the other wake time.

What we changed to create success?

First we put a mattress cover down to protect her bed, incase of any accidents. Let’s be honest, that’s the most important part of potty training. You don’t want to have to go spend another few hundred dollars on a new mattress. I also made sure we had an extra clean sheet on hand in her room. That way we could do a quick sheet change if we needed too in the middle of the night.

I prepared the bathroom by stocking up on wipes and extra Pajama pants. So if we woke Lily up to go pee, and realized she already pee the bed. We could go to the bathroom and have her sit on the toilet. Then I could clean up the pee on her body and quickly change into new bottoms. Make the process minimal so she would go back to bed easily, instead of it being disruptive.

We purchased some new night lights to help light the hallway to the bathroom. This way Lily could see where she was going if she ever got up by herself to go potty. We used night lights that are light sensor, so I never have to turn them off. They turn on when it’s dark, and off when the hallway was lit.

What we didn’t do

We did a ton of research going into this potty training. We wanted to make sure we were doing our part to create success. I read many times was to cut out water before bed. One thing you should know about Lily is that she loves water, especially a cup at bed time.

I couldn’t understand restricting water to my child. She is four and thankfully can understands when we communicate with her. When she wanted water before bed, we always asked if she was sure? And explained what having water so close to bedtime might do. We made sure she understood and let her make the choice. If she still wanted water, we said yes.

The Outcome

Overall I am super happy with how the whole process went. There were only three accidents and she handled it all like a champ. What helped the most was that she wanted to ditch the pull-up. Having that momentum to start is really what helped with our results. So my main tip when it comes to potty training in general is to focus on what your child wants. Don’t push them or force them to do it. Their bodies, physically might not be ready for it. And don’t for one second feel pressure from other parents who children are trained. Every child is different!

Lily successfully became night time trained just under three weeks. Over our original time frame but still successful. It took a bit longer to cut out the last wake time compared to the first. But it was just because her body needed a bit more training. Lily also was a bit scared to get up by herself to go to the bathroom. I added an extra night light to make the hallway even brighter. And when I would wake Lily up, I would leave right away to go to the bathroom. This way Lily would walk by herself and meet me there, which was practise for her to get use to it. Help her gain confidence to do it by herself.

Another tip I have is to stay positive and always encourage. When she would get up and pee on the toilet we would say how proud we were, and that she is doing fantastic. Endless hugs and kisses! And if she had an accident we would explain that it is ok, it’s normal to have accidents. Still give lots of hugs and kisses and say how proud we were for going through the potty training process. And explain it’s all about the process! To help make the situation pain free of emotions. We would both get up if she peed the bed and each do a job. I would have Lily go potty and clean her up, while my Husband changed the sheet. This way when her and I were done, she could just jump right back into bed.

I hope this post helps you with potty training. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

Thanks for reading,

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