Toddler Carry-On Must Haves!

Oh I wish we could go back to Mexico! I love Winter, especially snow. But nothing beats the hot sunshine and sand. It was special to get away with the kids just after the move. The few months leading up to it were crazy! Running around, packing and cleaning. Our vacation was a much needed break to just spend time with the girls.

Leading up to this trip my Husband and I were both very nervous taking the girls one the airplane. Two kids, squished into a row for four hours. There is so much wrong that could have happened. So I made sure I did my homework to pack the girls with everything they needed to entertain them the entire plane ride.

Each of my Daughters had their own backpack. Thankfully when you are travelling with a child under the age of two, you can have a separate diaper bag for no extra charge. This way I could pack the diapers and wipes separately from my youngest’s backpack. I made sure each of their backpacks fit them properly so they could wear it through the airport.


This was the most important item we packed. We bought kids ear muff headphones so they would properly fit on their heads. We purchased these ones from Amazon. That way the girls could properly watch TV which saved our lives both going to Mexico and coming home. They watch a couple of shows and Toy Story, a great way to kill some flight time.

No Mess Colouring

We bought each girl their own no mess colouring book with markers from Crayola. That way they could be entertained with the markers without the stress of making a mess. I didn’t want to be that parent whose kid coloured everywhere!

Wooden Puzzle

You can purchase larger animal puzzles that snap together. We purchased ours from a local shop and it entertained our youngest for quite a while! My oldest did it pretty quickly, so I recommend this toy for age two and under.


The girls and I went to a scholastic book fair at the school near our house and stocked up on books. Each girl picked a book that included stickers for extra entertainment. My oldest plays with stickers for hours so we knew it was a must have! We made sure to bring a couple of activity books for my oldest to play with, practise her writing and solving problems. I love buying the Pre-K books for her to practise. A mix of writing, numbers, alphabet and problem solving.


Both of my daughters are into the cars matching game. So we brought along the game. This was great for at the airport when we were waiting, and had the space the lay the cards out. We didn’t try on the plane because both girls were entertained by everything else we brought.

Water Bottle

I know we can’t bring liquids through security over a 100ml, but you must pack a bottle. I made sure to empty the bottles right before we went through to be scanned and then filled them back up after security. There are many water fountains in airport, or you can purchase water bottles.


Of course kids need lots of snacks! Nothing more difficult then a hungry child. Now you have two choices. Bring some snacks through security, which yes you can. They have to be sealed and not fresh. We brought granola bars and fruit pouches. Or you can purchase food past security, which we did as well. We stopped at a kiosk and grabbed bananas and apples. And thankfully they had a Booster Juice, so each girl got a smoothie plus pizza! We made sure to have an abundance of food for the girls because we knew it was still going to be a 45 minute drive to the Resort after we landed in Mexico.

An Outfit

We travelled from snow to hot weather. When we landed in Cancun, we dressed the girls in a dress and shorts. So they could feel comfortable while adjusting to the hot and sunny weather.


These can be for their bag, or for yours or the baby bag. But pack extra underwear just incase of an accident. You never know! A hat, so they have protection right when you get off the plane. We had to wait outside for a bit before our vehicle arrived. I was so happy I had hats handy. I squeezed flip flops into their bags just incase they wanted to ditch the shoes once we landed. My oldest was ok, but my youngest wanted her sandals on. Her feet swelled a bit from the plane ride, so the flip flops helped alleviate the discomfort.

There you go! Everything we brought for our girls for our Mexico trip! I’m happy we brought all of that in their bags, and found we didn’t need anything else for them. Just make sure when you are preparing for your family trip, to make lots of lists!

Thanks for reading.

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