Must Do Activities for Kids

We are only a few days into this quarantine and it already feels like weeks. But I know that we all can do this!

The hardest part of this all is entertaining kids, and I know how easy it is to put on a movie or a show to get a break. But we really need to take this time to be with our children, have fun and teach them a new subject or skill. We want to ignite their brain throughout the day to not only give them cognitive exercises, but to also use energy. Hopefully leading to us not needing to lose our minds everyday!

And I say “we” because we are all in the same boat. Majority of parents in the entire world are struggling right now, so I wanted to put together activity categories that you can do everyday to help your child learn and develop.

Let’s entertain these kids!

Play Outside

Being outside is a great way for a child to burn energy! Explore, jump or just play a game. Take the time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It also helps develop many of their skills and gives kids a break from the house.


Reading is one of the most important activities you can do with your child. It helps develop words and phonics. We always read before we get our day started, before nap and before bed. We read when we can!

Independent Playtime

Playing with kids can be hard. Really indulging into the imaginative games. So encourage them to play on their own throughout the day. It’s a great way to develop independence.

Sensory Play

Fill up a bucket with water, pull out some rice, play with baking soda and vinegar. Get their hands into something they can feel and manipulate. Get them outside and have them try to hear different animal sounds, so have them help bake something that smells super yummy. You want them to have time where their senses are being activated!

Complete a Chore

There is always something to clean in a house, so why not involve the kids? Have them empty the dishwasher, wipe the countertop, tidy up toys, have them clean their room, etc! It’s an important responsibility to begin early to create a good habit, and raise hard working children.

Fine Motor Skills

Take the time to do an activity that involves small movements and the smaller muscles. Build a bracelet, have a baby put pipe cleaners into a strainer, play with LEGO, cutting with scissors or anything that requires the child to use small motions. This helps them develop precision and accuracy, a great skill to learn!

Imaginative Play

Get dressed up and out on a play, play kitchen or restaurant. Anything where they are igniting their role play. This helps develop it helps develop their social and decision skills, and it’s also a fun way to bond with your child.


Turn up those tunes and move those feet! Dancing helps them develop large motor skills and burn some energy. This is also another fun activity that is great for family bonding.

Now make a daily schedule and put all of these activities in! I encourage you to make a goal to do every activity each day!

Remember, you’ve got this!

Thanks for reading,

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