Toddler Schedule + Daily Activities

Life with kids can get quite busy! Between normal work, house chores you still have a child hanging around that needs entertaining. But oh no! You need to feed them, teach them, help develop their skills and tire them out!

What helps me the most is a consistent schedule. The same plan everyday to help keep myself on track of not just toddler activities but house hold chores as well. It’s all about finding balance and doing a variety of different activities throughout the day.

My goal everyday is to complete these THREE activities with my toddler.

  1. Learn – Practise colours, letters, numbers or anything that gets their mind moving. This is like their “school” time of the day. Now everyday will be different. You might spend 15 minutes or 45 minutes, don’t stress if you have a difficult day and don’t spend that much time completing the activities.
  2. Interactive Play – Put on a play, tea time, super heroes. Something that ignites their imagination while using lots of words to help develop their language.
  3. Outdoor Time – Get then some fresh air! Go to a park, a walk, conservation area or just have some fun with bubbles in the backyard. Let that sunshine hit their skin!

And don’t stress if not all these activities get completed. For example you didn’t get outside. We all have difficult days that force us to not get done what we would like too. Make a goal for tomorrow and try your best to stick to the schedule.

Also if you have lots of chores to do, make learning part of that time. Learning is not just about numbers and words. You can teach them colours while folding laundry. And teach them how to put things away and clean up. Or have them be apart of meal prep. My youngest loves helping me cook in the kitchen and recently I have been teaching my oldest how to cut with a knife. As a parent we need to teach them how to be apart of the household, so as they get older they know how to be part of a team while also teaching them how to be independent.

Above you will see the independent play as a category. I need this time to help me get some chores done around the house, and there is nothing wrong with forcing your child to play by themselves. Be sure to set them up in environment that is entertaining and safe. This can be hard for little ones and it does take some practise before they understand what independent playtime is. So be patient and practise.

Now what does our day normally look like? Here is our schedule below.

** You might see that our school drop-off and pick-up time is long, but we have to walk our oldest to school which takes a total of 45 minutes normally.

Schedules and routines have been a lifesaver for us. Don’t be intimated of it takes a bit to find a schedule that works for you and your family. And hope this helps you and your family!

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