Newborn Baby MUST-Haves

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Preparing for a new baby almost feels daunting some days. There are so many different baby products out there, it’s hard to know where to start.

I have learned after having two babies, now with number three on the way that you don’t actually need a whole ton of stuff right away. With baby number three, we are only buying exactly what we will need and buying the rest as we do need it.

If you’re looking to make a registry. I highly recommend only registering what you need and asking for gift cards. I know it can be strange asking family and friends for money, but it’s really helpful to have as the baby starts the get older. Each baby is different, and some babies require different things. For example my second Daughter hated baby swings. She liked to sit stationary in a vibrating chair. While with my first, the baby swing was my life saver! Another example is that my second daughter learned to roll at two months, but she was wild. She would hit her head on the play mat, and ours was not that thick. We ended up having to buy a thicker play mat. Gift cards can be really helpful in that regard.

Now, I’m just going to get right too what you don’t need. Some Moms might read this and disagree but I believe these products are not must haves.

  • Wipe Warmer: It takes up space and you learn pretty early on you will have a few baby changing stations around the house. So you won’t always be using the wipe warmer.
  • Bottle Sterilizer: Use a big pot and hot water and away you go. Again it takes up more space in your kitchen.
  • Formula Dispenser: I have heard from many Moms that many of these machines are faulty and don’t do the exact amount. And it’s just another step to do, having to always refill it.
  • Sleep Sacks or Gowns: Wait till you know… both my girls hated these! Especially the sleep sacks.

After polling other Moms I collected information on a handful of must haves items. Which all I totally agree with!

  • Baby Lounge Pillow: A large pillow you can safely lay the baby in. The #1 recommend was Snuggle Me Organic.
  • Baby Carrier: I know these can be pricey but get one carrier that is a sling or fabric wrap for the newborn days. These are very secure, and really snuggle your little one in. They are known to reduce crying and fussiness. Baby Beluga was #1. ALSO get a clip in carrier for when the baby gets bigger. 8 months+ you can wear your baby on your back making it easier to get around. Infantino was #1.

Now that we have talked what to and not too buy. Let’s get to the whole list! I put everything into an organized document so you can save it on your phone or print it. Simply tap on the photo to get the download. If you do not have Dropbox, just click “continue to website”.

When figuring out what to get. Talk to other parents you know and look at the space you have on your home. A big baby bath tub might take up too much space? Get a tub insert. That is the one nice thing about so many baby products on the market, there are so many different styles of things for you to make baby stuff fit into your home.

Enjoy and happy baby shopping!

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