Hospital Bag Checklist

Only five weeks to go, and it’s time to get ready for the hospital! We are planning a home birth, but it’s important to be prepared. Incase I go into labour early, or for some reason I need to go to the hospital because giving birth at home is no longer a good option.

So we have all of our stuff packed, and the car seat ready to go. I remember my first pregnancy, and I definitely overpacked for the hospital. Now my third time, I’m only packing what I need.

This list I pan posting is more of the minimalist list. These are the items I have used each time giving birth and that is it. And I think it’s important to pack only what you need because it makes it easier on your partner. Because when you’re in labour, you probably won’t be helping carry anything up to the room, just your partner. And trust me, you won’t want them taking multiple trips to the car for all the things.

You want to make sure your partner knows where everything is. My first labour and delivery, I found my Husband going through our bags for a while looking for my lip chap or my socks. You want them to know where everything is to make it easier on the both of you.

Utilize the hospital. Don’t pack a ton of diapers, cause you can get some from the hospital. Don’t bring a nursing pillow, use the hospital pillows. There are many items you can find at the hospital that you don’t need to fill your bag with. Yes, you can even get a Peri bottle from them.

Let’s get packing!

Thanks for reading!

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