Third Trimester Checklist

It’s crazy how pregnancy can fly by so fast, but some days feel like eternity! But I do know that once you hit the third trimester, it all starts to feel real. Also it helps that your nesting instincts start to get stronger. I’m so ready to tear apart our room and get everything ready for when our baby boy arrives.

The third trimester can also be a bit frantic because you start panicking about everything that you still need to get and do. From buying supplies, to prepping the room, cleaning the house and meal prepping. It can seem like a lot! So I put together a checklist to help you stay on top of what you need to do before your bundle of joy arrives!

While also giving you and your partner some activities to do before the baby. It’s important to make the most of pregnancy before the sleepless nights arrive!

Click here to DOWNLOAD

Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy!

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