Favourite Postpartum Foods

You waited nine whole months and now your little one is here. But man are you sore! Postpartum can be difficult for any new Mom. Between the physical discomfort and your body adjusting to all the new hormone levels, it can add exhaustion to your healing.

I love prepping my meals and drinks for my postpartum recovery because I find it makes my recovery not only better but faster. Your body needs lots of nutrients not only to adjust to your new motherhood role, but to help you heal.

So with our baby only a few weeks away, I am prepping my favourites now for my postpartum. I am no Dietician, or special health professional. These are the foods I love to have after a baby, and foods that have been recommended to me during previous pregnancies. These are also my favourite foods I love to consume on a regular basis. Definitely reach out to a professional to help you set up your postpartum meal plan.

Now let’s look at this list of my favourite 10 things to consumer in my postpartum.

1. Bone Broth

After birth or even the first couple days, you might find yourself not that hungry. With my first I wasn’t into eating solids. My second I was starving. Our bodies are all different. What I did love having was bone broth to drink. The warm drink was so satisfying while also very beneficial for my healing. The collagen in the broth is what assists your healing while providing other great nutrients for your health.

2. Oatmeal

A good source of both fibre and iron, it’s a great way to fill your stomach. And it is said that Oatmeal helps with breastmilk production. So I like to prepare Overnight oats because they are fast and easy. Plus the chia seeds are an added bonus.

3. Energy Balls + Lactation Cookies

Made with oats, flax seeds and healthy fats. Both these options give you the energy boost you need while helping your milk production. Tap HERE for Energy Tap HERE for Lactation Cookies.

4. Fat Bombs

These delicious chocolate and nut butter treats are filled with healthy fat from coconut oil. I love these when I’m really feeling hungry and need a fast pick me up. Tap HERE for recipe.

5. Roasted Vegetables

My go-to are Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes and Cauliflower. All good carbohydrate options with different nutrient benefits. I like to roast each and leave them in the fridge. I’ll eat them on their own, with rice or spinach.

6. Spinach

Delivery takes a toll on your iron levels because of the blood loss. So it’s important to boost these as soon as you can. I like to consumer many spinach salads, or smoothies to help raise my levels. Mixed with some Vitamin C and Olive Oil, you’ve got a really nutritious meal!

7. Eggs

Eggs are great for so many different reasons. Not only are they easy to prepare, they are a good fat and protein source. I like to boil them and eat as I need, or top my spinach salad with one.

8. Lentils

A delicious main that you can add to your salad, or put into a whole grain wrap with hummus. A good source of protein and iron, I simply sauté these with mushroom and onion and store in the fridge.

9. Mini Meatballs

I love to pre-make these and heat as I go. Red meat is a great source of iron. I simply heat them in a pan with my favourite sauce like teriyaki. Or I add them right onto my salad. It’s a good option for when I’m really feeling hungry.

10. Avocados

Whether on toast, on its on or with a spinach salad. I love to consume lots of healthy fats to help with my breastmilk production. Also I find it helps keep me full longer which is helpful the first few weeks in when the exhaustion starts to hit. It helps prevent those “bad” food cravings.

There, you have my Top 10! One thing I have learned is the importance of caring for yourself postpartum. You want the best recovery because it makes the first few weeks with your new bundle of joy that much more enjoyable!

Thanks for reading!

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