Dealing with your Emotions when you are Overdue

We are officially five days past our due date! With my first she was born nine days late, my second was seven days. So I’m not a newbie when it comes to dealing with babies who like to hang out extra long in the womb.

Technically you are not overdue till you reach forty-one weeks in gestation. So even though you may be past your due date, if it’s only a couple days there is no need to worry. Really health care professionals start to get concerned as you get closer to the forty-two week mark. The placenta does have a shelf life once your due date hits, so as you go even further you might notice you have more appointments and ultrasounds. Just to check the overall health of the baby, and make sure everything is doing ok. You will have heard by now most women getting induced by forty-one weeks because like I said, going further can pose risks. But if you do want to wait the baby out, and see if you can go naturally. Definitely speak with your healthcare provider and know you have a voice!

I am forty-one weeks this Tuesday and I already have an ultrasound booked, the biophysical ultrasound. Once we have those results my Husband and I are going to make a decision on what we are going to do. Either wait the little guy out or chose induction.

Till then I have just been patiently waiting for any signs of this little guy wanting to come out. And yes it’s hard to not let the anticipation get to you. It’s frustrating to see other women having their babies before you, even when you were due before them.

Just know that going past your due date, or going overdue is a WIN! You have grown a baby to full term!! There are many women out there who have never experienced this and wish they could. When your little one arrives they will be fully developed and ready to go on their own. Also some research shows that overdue/ late babies do better postpartum adjusting to their new life outside of you. And women experience faster labours (I know I did with previous pregnancies and trust me it is a blessing!)

Try to keep yourself busy is my best tip I can give you. Clean your house, organize the baby stuff, make sure you’re on top of laundry. Stocking up the pantry, fridge and freezer is also very important!

If you have other children, take this extra time to spend it with them. Once the baby does arrive, your attention will be stretched thin. Play games, have laughs and make some memories. Trust me, they will appreciate it.

Spend time with your partner. If you have had a child before, you know how newborns can be stressful on relationships. You both are exhausted which can cause a variety of different emotions. So enjoy the peace and quiet now before your house is turned upside down and you’re main conversation will be about what the babies poop was that diaper change.

Make time for yourself! You’re about to experience the most physical event you’re body will ever go through. You deserve to get your nails done, or your hair. Do some extra face masks, spend some time by yourself or do some activities that you love! I have been reading some new books and getting out by myself without the kids to soak in some quiet time before there is a baby hanging around.

Just know that you won’t be pregnant forever! The baby will be out before you know it. Try not to focus on your body, and what you may or may not be experiencing. Also, keep an open mind when it comes to how your little one enter this world. If being induced wasn’t your plan, but it looks like you are going to have to be. Just go with the flow and focus on bringing your child into this world healthy, no matter how it’s done!

Thanks for reading,

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