Weekly Activity Schedule for Toddlers

How is it almost August? This summer is flying by and where we are the weather has only started to get warm and stay sunny. There has been many rainy days, which has made it difficult some weeks to entertain both girls.

So everyday I have a specific activity that we do that is fun and educational. This helps entertain the kids because you don’t have to sit there and think about what you’re going to do. It also makes your life a lot easier because you know what you are going to do with the kids.

Let’s break down each day!

Crafty Monday: Get out the glue, coloured paper or maybe some stickers. Build or create something. The goal is to get their creativity rolling.

Story time Tuesday: Let the kids pick all their favourites books. And throughout the day take the time to sit down and read together. Pick some fun adventurous books and some educational ones. This is my kids favourite day because of how many times we sit down together and they love reading.

Water Play Wednesday: Set up outside, in the sink or the bath tub. Let them splash and discover in the water, make it fun an add bubbles!

Educational Thursday: Give their brains moving by specifically setting time to do some learning. Whatever you feel like! We switch it up week by week with whatever the girls are into that week. Example this week the girls are really into Narwhals, so I pulled up some videos, we drew pictures and practised writing by labelling their body.

Foodie Friday: Get the aprons on and cook or bake up something yummy! We usually focus on cooking something for lunch or dinner. And it’s a great way to introduce new foods or flavours. I find my girls are more interested in trying it when they go to take part in the cooking process.

Outdoor Play Saturday: Rain or shine! Go for a walk, try a nature park or discover a new park. Soak up the sunshine and really have the kids some energy. And it’s also a great way to spend time as a family.

Funday Sunday: Make some time to do something as a family. Go to a movie, shopping or a fun event. Anything that allows everyone to spend good quality time together.

I know Summer break can be hard, constantly having to entertain the toddlers. But a simple schedule can help make your life so much easier and I hope this does for you!

Thanks for reading!

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