Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Remember Snack Pack Chocolate Puddings? You won’t believe it but this Chocolate Avocado Pudding beats that tasty lunch treat we got as kids. People always give me a look when I mention avocado being the main ingredient but trust me! You’re whole family will be in love! This pudding is silky smooth, similar to regularContinue reading “Chocolate Avocado Pudding”

How to EMBRACE Mom Guilt

It’s four o’clock. The kids are running around wild after school, food is on the floor. The dogs are playing around because they sense the kids energy. The baby is crying for attention while I tried to start supper. My daughters kept playing with the Google, and no one was listening to me. Finally, IContinue reading “How to EMBRACE Mom Guilt”

Leftover Turkey Soup

What a great Thanksgiving weekend we had! It was such a heart warming feeling spending time with all of our loved ones this year. And it was yummy eating all that Turkey this weekend, and we were lucky to have leftovers. Leftover Turkey is my favourite. You can make sandwiches or another favourite, soup! MakingContinue reading “Leftover Turkey Soup”

Preparing for Sleep Training

Our little guy is almost seven months, and we are finally hitting the stage where it’s time to sleep train. Sleeping training is not for every parent and child, and there are many different methods. We have always preferred the Ferber method. Where you check on them every few minutes and it usually takes aContinue reading “Preparing for Sleep Training”