A Packing List for the Breastfeeding Momma

Mexico is almost here! And I’m starting to feel more comfortable about leaving the kids behind now that I’ve prepped everything. What has me all worked up now is exclusively pumping for six days. Spending the time each day to find an outlet to express my milk, ensuring I don’t engorge and my supply staysContinue reading “A Packing List for the Breastfeeding Momma”

My Go To Steel Cut Oats Recipe (+tips for storing Breastmilk)

One week till Mexico! I am excited for a much needed break, but I am super nervous leaving the girls behind for six days. I know they will be fine, it’s more Isla and her being exclusively breastfed. We were very blessed with both girls taking a bottle from the very beginning. Isla has aContinue reading “My Go To Steel Cut Oats Recipe (+tips for storing Breastmilk)”

Overcoming Fear to Change for the Better

Motherhood has taught me more than how to care for a child, but has taught me qualities about myself I didn’t know I have, and has made me desire qualities I wish I did have. Lately I’ve really been focusing on my self-care, and through my time to myself I’ve discovered that there is oneContinue reading “Overcoming Fear to Change for the Better”