Fermented Honey Garlic

This is also known as “garlic-infused honey” because the recipe is much like an infusion in addition to fermentation. This recipe can be used in so many ways. Drizzle or use in salad dressings, serve alongside vegetables or use it as a glaze for meat. The fermented garlic is not only tasty, it’s great forContinue reading “Fermented Honey Garlic”

Starting Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus flowers are at the top of my favourite list. These soft, pillow like gorgeous flowers add elegance to any bouquet. And a must grow in every flower cutting garden. These are a cool weather flowers, meaning they grow best in early spring or late fall. For successful growth it’s recommend ranunculus corms are harvestedContinue reading “Starting Ranunculus Flowers”

Perfecting the Grocery List + Meal Planning

Prices of pretty much everything are going up. Everyday I’m either thinking about the price of gas, or the price of food. And the gas I’m going to spend to go get the food. To help with all this spending I have really been trying to stay on top of our food spending. With theContinue reading “Perfecting the Grocery List + Meal Planning”