Dairy + Gluten Free Funfetti Cake

From January till the end of March, we celebrate all five of our birthdays. I know, it’s absolute chaos from pretty much having one big party after another. Really, the party never stops! But my love for baking really enjoys this time of year. I adore making my children’s birthday cake. To see their eyesContinue reading “Dairy + Gluten Free Funfetti Cake”

Transitioning to a Montessori Bed

Our third child has been nothing but different in the sleep department, compared to my two oldest children. I don’t want to say difficult, because what sleep pattern is normal? But it’s safe for me to say that he loves his Mama, and co-sleeping is his preferred sleeping arrangement. Since our son was five monthsContinue reading “Transitioning to a Montessori Bed”

Homemade Drink for Colds and Flus

Our house has been hit with the flu not once but twice in February. With the kids being back in school, and more socializing in the community. It has created some not so great illnesses that are spreading like wildfire. And with a household of five, these illnesses tend to drag on. Thankfully everyone isContinue reading “Homemade Drink for Colds and Flus”

When your Motherhood isn’t happening by “the book”…

Motherhood has many ups and downs, especially in your first year. You are jumping hurdles, and taking sharp turns trying to figure out how to raise a baby. All while attempting to balance life for yourself. And sometimes you come across events where you feel like you are failing horribly! Like you are skydiving andContinue reading “When your Motherhood isn’t happening by “the book”…”