Overcoming Fear to Change for the Better

Motherhood has taught me more than how to care for a child, but has taught me qualities about myself I didn’t know I have, and has made me desire qualities I wish I did have. Lately I’ve really been focusing on my self-care, and through my time to myself I’ve discovered that there is oneContinue reading “Overcoming Fear to Change for the Better”

How to Increase Your Productivity in 5 Minutes (+discover your power hour)

Less than two weeks till our Mexico trip, and I am already feeling overwhelmed by my to-do lists. Trying to complete everything while taking care of the kids, staying on top of our regular daily tasks and stressing over not getting things done. Is this “Momxiety”? Ahh! Wish I was laying on the beach already!Continue reading “How to Increase Your Productivity in 5 Minutes (+discover your power hour)”