Five Things to Help you Wake up Earlier

If you have been following my posts you will have noticed a trend of waking an hour earlier to increase productivity. Honestly it works, but it’s easier said then done. When I first started to wake an hour earlier each morning I was having a difficult time completing a task. I would sleep through myContinue reading “Five Things to Help you Wake up Earlier”

Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato Soup

Can you feel Autumn in the air? I sure can. I’ve been filling my house with Fall decor and mini pumpkins. I keep getting the eye roll from my Husband, but a decorated home is a happy home. I strive to celebrate all holidays and events in the year to make everything exciting for myContinue reading “Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato Soup”

The reason I’m dressed before 8am everyday

As a Mom, honestly I’ve had days where I have survived off drinking water from my Daughters cup, and eating her leftovers. Staying in my PJ’s all day until right before my Husband came home. So I didn’t look like a wreck and he knew I had Mom life under control, somewhat. This was allContinue reading “The reason I’m dressed before 8am everyday”

The Story Behind Twenty Something Momma?

Creating a name for your blog is more daunting than you think. You want something that stands out, hints at who you are and what your blog topics may be about. A name that sets you apart from one another. I’ve had this Twenty Something Momma name on my written pieces since my first DaughterContinue reading “The Story Behind Twenty Something Momma?”