Dealing with your Emotions when you are Overdue

We are officially five days past our due date! With my first she was born nine days late, my second was seven days. So I’m not a newbie when it comes to dealing with babies who like to hang out extra long in the womb. Technically you are not overdue till you reach forty-one weeksContinue reading “Dealing with your Emotions when you are Overdue”

Favourite Postpartum Foods

You waited nine whole months and now your little one is here. But man are you sore! Postpartum can be difficult for any new Mom. Between the physical discomfort and your body adjusting to all the new hormone levels, it can add exhaustion to your healing. I love prepping my meals and drinks for myContinue reading “Favourite Postpartum Foods”

Preparing for your Newborn

You spend forty-ish weeks, dreaming, imagining and picturing every waking minute with your little one. Then they arrive, and you’re like “UMMMM…..!!!!”. If you’re already a Mom you know what I am saying, first time Mom? Don’t be scared. It’s not horrible. Life with a newborn is a huge adjustment! Learning how to parent, howContinue reading “Preparing for your Newborn”

Creating a Birth Plan

It’s starting to feel more real everyday that we will be welcoming our third child into this world! As I enter the third trimester I feel myself starting to prepare even more. Making lists, organizing the house and planning our birth. We recently decided to have a home birth with our midwife. I have beenContinue reading “Creating a Birth Plan”