Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Eating healthy does not have to be boring. Biggest pet-peeve is when someone says “I want to eat healthy, but it’s just boring”. Que the eye-roll. I find healthy eating has more flavour than foods that aren’t good for our bodies. It’s all about combining ingredients and bringing them to flavour town! And don’t thinkContinue reading “Roasted Red Pepper Sauce”

Lentil Burritos – kid approved!

The other night I made the mistake of asking my three year old what she wanted for dinner. I thought she was going to ask for her normal meal. Noodles, sauce and broccoli. Well no! Lily decided on tacos. Parents, do not ask your kid what they want for dinner. An open ended question, whenContinue reading “Lentil Burritos – kid approved!”

Beef + Broccoli Slaw Stir Fry

Summer is here! We have been so blessed to have hot days recently. And let me tell you, we are not wasting a drop of sunshine! Park dates, splash pads and lots of exploring. But these fun filled days have me feeling lazy when it comes to dinner. Who wants to leave the sunshine andContinue reading “Beef + Broccoli Slaw Stir Fry”

Garlic shrimp, with Asian inspired sauté vegetables

The other day, I was starving! I somehow skipped breakfast. Then the girls and I were out and about for three hours. When we finally got home, and the girls went down. My stomach was certainly telling me off for only surviving off coffee and pecans that morning. At first I thought I will haveContinue reading “Garlic shrimp, with Asian inspired sauté vegetables”

Lemon Turmeric Sorbet

We finally have warm summer weather! Mother Nature took her time but I believe it’s here to stay! Can’t believe June is almost here! Finishing off May with a “Bloat Challenge”. I will be focusing on my diet to help reset my gut health. We have had a wild month and let’s just say I’veContinue reading “Lemon Turmeric Sorbet”