Gluten Free & Paleo Friendly Cookies

Who else is super excited that Spring is pretty much here? I am loving this slightly warmer weather and sunshine! It’s also nice to wake up to the sunshine in the morning! With the new season upon I have such an increase in energy. And a drive to continue eating healthy! But what do youContinue reading “Gluten Free & Paleo Friendly Cookies”

Toddler Approved Vegetarian Lasagna ( +how I sneak vegetables in)

Yesterday morning was jam packed! I managed to get my morning workout in. Twenty minutes, uninterrupted. Can I get a hallelujah! Showered, got both kids out the door to the grocery store and made it in time for the 10:30 story time. Sounds chaotic, but I love days like this. Why? I know I’m slightContinue reading “Toddler Approved Vegetarian Lasagna ( +how I sneak vegetables in)”

Vanilla French Macaroon Recipe

I can’t believe Isla is one! Life with kids flies by so fast, but somehow the days can seem exhaustingly long! To celebrate we had our friends and family over to shower Isla with love. I decided to go all out with the food and baked goods by making it all myself! I won’t beContinue reading “Vanilla French Macaroon Recipe”

Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe

Happy Valentine’s Day! Who else loves this day? I never really got into it, until I had kids. Now I love to make the most of Valentine’s Day! And nothing is better than celebrating with a warm cup of Hot Chocolate! Sounds yummy right? But you’re probably thinking of how bad it is for you.Continue reading “Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe”