Benefits of organizing your family time in advance

Is anyone else’s schedule look like mine? Where almost everyday there is something written down?

As Summer winds down and we walk into September. Life gets busy. Vacations are over, kids go back to school, life gets back into a routine. I know our household gets very hectic with all of the different preschool programs, swimming and planned activities. I wake up some mornings not knowing what day it is sometimes. Overcoming this hectic schedule is easy! All it takes is time, coffee and some really good calendars.

Many people mock me for my organization tendencies but I find my family and I are happier when things are planned out. My Husband and I know what’s going on and when. There are many other benefits to having an organized schedule.

More Mom and Dad time are allotted. Once a month we sit down and look at the upcoming month, we see what’s happening and we plan what days we want to do something together, no kids. And when we want our individual time. Planning beforehand I find helps give us more time. Gives us time to book a babysitter! As a parent and an adult it’s important to have “me” time. Well I know it is for myself, helps refresh my spirit and makes me a better mom.

More adventures happen! It’s fun having spontaneity in our lives but with two little kids it’s hard to wake up and go. We do this once in a while but both my husband and I find that we do more if we plan. And bigger more exciting trips. Planning beforehand also usually leads to a successful trip. Now I’m not saying plan three months in advance unless you’re going to Iceland or something. But you want to go to the Aquarium or the zoo, you just pick an available day. Then you can plan further and decide what you might need. Also if you know other family members or friends who would like to join.

Work schedules are less complicated. We all know we have to give a certain amount of notice for time off. In our family my husband works a shift schedule. Four days on, four days off. Noting that on the schedule helps plan our adventure days, let’s me know when we need a babysitter. Life just goes smoothly, and occasionally my husband needs to work extra days, so we can plan that month what days he will work extra. Making us and work happy!

To make all these benefits you need a great calendar! I highly recommend the Ultimate Family Calendar by MotherWord! It’s huge with lots of space for writing and it comes with stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers! I always find mine at Walmart.

Another useful tool is your phone! If you have an IPhone you’re able to share your calendar with other contacts. This is more useful for my Husband who if at works needs to pick his overtime days he can do so without even having to bother me! Win win!

I also recommend a calendar or notebook for yourself. I’m the one who is with the kids and taking them to their activities the most. Having a calendar on hand in my purse or baby bag keeps me organized even when I’m out and about. I also note down things to do, groceries, people to contact and just things I write down for myself.

Definitely take advantage of September and get your schedule organized!

Thanks for reading!

Nobody ever said, I regret organizing my life

A new journey…

And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings

I am so happy all of you are reading along as I start my new “blogging” journey. It’s an adventure I’m excited to begin and be able to share with all of you.

I am Jaclyn Yvonne, mom of two beautiful girls, a healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for new experiences that I get to share with my kids. Now when I mean healthy lifestyle, I really mean reasonable exercises and easy meals for all moms to achieve. Artificial sugar is a big “no no” in my world. Except for a medium size Dairy Queen blizzard. My world does not function without ice cream on a regular basis (twice a week).

Majority of posts will be recipes and making meals easier for moms with limited time. And me trying to navigate through life while trying to raise two girls. A 2.5 year old and a 6 month old with strong personalities.

Short and sweet, thanks for reading!