The days you don’t care

I woke up the other morning and it was slightly crazy to begin with. Food being thrown on the floor, my toddler melting down because the purple spoon was dirty in the dishwasher and a yellow spoon doesn’t go with a green bowl. Then all of the wild behaviours continued on into lunch.

Then I just looked at my toddler after she was upset about how her sisters chairs was set up. Isla wasn’t facing the correct way apparently all while Isla was screaming because heaven forbid I try to help her feed herself (teaches me for introducing silverware so young). I looked at both my girls and said ” I don’t care!”.

For the rest of the day, I didn’t care about a single thing. I didn’t parent, I didn’t instruct, I didn’t organize and I just didn’t care. My daughter got wild with the paint, it ended up on all of my island chairs and the faucet. Cheerios were spilt all over the floor and I didn’t clean them up. My toddler at one point was running around upstairs screaming at the top of her lungs saying she was a pirate. Isla tore up an entire box of Kleenex while I tried to wipe Odin’s wet paws.

My poor Husband came home to quite the messy house. And I explained I had a “I didn’t care day”. As I was apologizing for the tenth time, I realized I shouldn’t be apologizing. Raising kids will be the hardest job you will ever have. And if everyday is great, in my personal opinion you’re not parenting that great.

We made some pretty awesome paintings. A fort that took up half our master bedroom, and I taught Lily some more of my amazing dance moves. We made banana bread that tasted like bread with some big chunks of banana because I let Lily mix it all on her own. There may have been some flour chunks as well, randomly throughout the bread. Isla still ate it and in my eyes that is a success!

Some days you just need to focus on the moments, and not the little things. When your children are older, they won’t remember how clean the house was. Or you teaching them tedious little habits. They will remember the dance parties while making a mess in the kitchen. My daughter will remember our crazy painting session and all the laughs. Lily will remember how we tore my room apart and turned it into a huge pirate ship.

Live for the moment. Soon they will be older and you don’t want to think back, and regret.

Thanks for reading,

Jaclyn Yvonne

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